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Meridian Community College visits Meridian High School during MCC Day ceremony

Today was MCC Day at Meridian High School, and faculty and staff of Meridian Community College paid a visit to talk with high school seniors about potential career opportunities after graduating.

“I think in my almost 30 year career I’ve never been a part of an event like this where a high school opens its self-up completely to my institution and allows me to address not only the students but allows the faculty and staff and different instructional programs to be here for the students to learn about those programs, I mean this is a truly exciting opportunity for us.”

Principal of Meridian High School says although several students take up dual enrollment at MCC and he thinks it’s important to have a strong partnership with the community college to inform students on the educational opportunities they can receive locally.

“We like to do that so that students are aware of the programs that are offered at MCC the opportunities that will afford them to continue their education to be productive citizens, so it is imperative that we have that strong partnership so that students are moving forward.”

Meridian High School senior Makailee Silliaman also says she learned about the many perks students will have by starting off at a community college like MCC.

“I think it’s a very good idea since we’re located in Meridian and we have a partnership with Meridian students can do dual enrollment and the 52 different programs that I didn’t know they had, it’s a great opportunity because it’s free tuition and you’re close to home, and you can get things done shorter than going to a university”

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