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MCC professor helps students have better time management skills.

Enrolled as a full or part-time college student comes with challenges, students are required to make enough time to study and struggle with time management.

One local professor at a community college teaches a course to help students make time arrangements.

“In study skills in which I teach, I try to give them one aspect of the course which is time management , so we talk about getting things in, done ahead of time, getting things done earlier in the week, not waiting until the due date to get things done, not waiting the night before the test to study for the test and things like that”.

MCC Instructor Jade Parks says with many students battling work and being enrolled in school, an alternative for learning such as online learning became an option to help those to not want to give up when furthering their education.

“It’s tough for a lot of our students to be able to come to a traditional classroom and to be there two days a week one night a week whatever the case may be, so what we started doing was offering online terms , several different link online terms throughout the semester, so a student can come on campus and take a15-16 week course, they can come and sign up for an online class that last approximately the same amount of time.“

Parks also says that learning from home can be an entirely different atmosphere for students and most of the learning is the student's responsibility.

“ Students are at home it’s a little different than being in a traditional classroom, in a traditional classroom, the instructors are right there with them to pride them along essentially and to try to make sure they’re paying attention, and they’re taking notes and they’re doing all those things to be successful, with an online course a little more of that is placed on the student, but the instructor has several different things that they can do to interact with the student as well.”

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