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Meridian Public School District has a plan set to improve low test scores.

Classes have been in session for almost two months, and now concerns are being raised in light of low test scores coming from the Meridian Public School District.

No details on the exact score have been released yet, but according to superintendent Amy Carter with the help of teachers, and parental support, necessary action such as peer training will go into effect in the hopes of turning things around.

“Leaders have already come together and reviewed district assessment results over the course of last year as well as the results from the preliminary scores this summer, we put our heads together, and we started thinking about what adjustments need to be made to ensure that all of the students at Meridian Public School District and every classroom every day that they will receive a quality education. “

Carter says the district will need greater support from parents to overcome the setback.

"I need our parents to make sure you are engaged from the standpoint of asking what’s going on with my child every day, what is my child learning and how can I help at home.”

Carter also says community engagement will also play a role in having future positive test scores.

"This work is not just about parents, this work is all about our community members coming together to ensure that we make slow continually progress for our students, so over the course of next month, we will be hosting community meetings, and we invite our stakeholders to be apart of that and I believe we prepared a press release to ensure that you can help us get the word out to our community.”

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