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A Local woman receives the 2018 G.V. Sonny Montgomery Outstanding Leadership Award

For more than a decade the G.V. Sonny Montgomery Foundation has been awarding those who have excellence and strong community involvement.

This year the G.V. Sonny Montgomery Outstanding Leadership Award for 2018 was given to Kathy Brookshire, recently retired vice president of development at Meridian Community College.

“Everybody in this community loves Sonny Montgomery, he is known by everyone, he was so loved, and I am absolutely thrilled that my name helps to keep his legacy alive this year.”

Brad Crawford who serves as president of the Sonny Montgomery foundation says highlighting those like Brookshire who are actively involved in helping the community and serving in many capacities is important.

“Kathy Brookshire has been a friend of Sonny Montgomery most of her life and a friend to Lauderdale County and working through MCC Foundation; she has provided an opportunity for people in the Lauderdale County area to better themselves to adults and children alike, it’s important to be able to recognize people like Kathy.”

Brookshire says she has a lot of strong memories of her friendship with Montgomery

"I first met Sonny Montgomery 50 years ago when my future father in law introduced me to him, I fell in love with him, I just adored him immediately and my son when he was a jr at Meridian High School he was Sonny Montgomery’s page for six months in Washington and he had such an influence on his life and he’s just been a very important part for our family and my children’s influence."

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