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Enterprise High School introduces new computer science class

As part of the Computer Science For Mississippi Initiative, Enterprise High School has now introduced a first-ever AP computer science class.

“Mississippi is pretty rural, and I know Enterprise is extremely rural. These kids are brilliant. They always score high academically and rank high academically every year in the state, but they have limited access to high-tech careers, limited knowledge if the breath of opportunities out there for them. Some of them are learning to program and they’re going, ‘hey I can do this, hey I’m pretty good at this’ and they’re telling me, ‘hey, I might major in this now.’ Which, to me, is the whole point.” -Jacqueline Lewis, teacher

Lewis says with a lot of high school graduates in this area staying in Mississippi after school, and that classes such as this can help breed more engineering jobs and industry for the state in the future, which will build the economy. She also says this class will simply help these students get a head start for college.

“If you’re first programming class is when you get there, and the other kids have already been programming, then you’re at a severe disadvantage. So, this is going to help these guys who do choose a technological field—this is going to help them dramatically when they get to college.” -Lewis

“Its just there’s a set solution. In English, it’s opinion-based, so I’m not too good at it. At least math has a set has a set answer most of the time, and I think I’m pretty good at it. I can think through it.” -Myles Vince, Senior, EHS

The class this semester is simply an overview of computer science, and next semester, this group of students will be involved in an AP in-depth programming class.

“None of these people have programmed before, and we just did our first group coding project—they’ve already surpassed the lesson and the scope of the course.” -Lewis

Other schools in our area involved in this pilot initiative are West Lauderdale and Northeast.

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