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Local business owners speaks about the love he has for Meridian

After speaking at a public hearing recently over a tax increase, one local business owner is weighing in on what it's like to run a small business in Meridian. Originally from Jerusalem, 31-year-old AJ Asmir has been running his business called Hair Queen on 8th Street since 2015. He says as the city is looking to come up with a budget for the next year and issues dealing with taxes, that he is willing to do anything he can on his part to help. Being able to be in this country alone is a blessing, he says, and as an outsider, his success at such a young age comes from being able to be in this country and community.

“I know for sure being in this country is something I’m always grateful for. I love my home country in many ways, but it does not have the opportunities that this country has. This city has shown me more appreciation than I could even imagine. I think that’s probably the most important thing I’ve loved about the city is that everybody cares about each other. Everybody works together in many ways. Even though it may not look like it, trust and believe that we are.” -Asmir, founder/ owner of Hair Queen

Asmir says with the recent growth in downtown such as The MAX, small businesses should have a reason to want to come here and that as a city, we should be building them up. He also owns businesses in Huntsville, Alabama and will be opening more stores in Nashville, Tennessee.

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