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Meridian Community College honor students host voter registration drive on campus.

Honor Students at Meridian Community College spent several hours encouraging other students to vote by holding voter registrations all across campus.

“Basically we were just trying to get people registered to vote today because we figured that it was better for peoples futures you know if they were registered and were able to decide what’s happening in the future, so we use today to basically get everybody registered and get ready for the next election.”

MCC sophomore honor student Karey Mathis says it is important to have voter registration awareness drives on college campuses because it can open up communications for students who may be on the fence on voting.

“ For most college students it’s probably not as serious as it should be at this age you know, they’re worried about making their good grades studying you know what’s going on in their immediate time not as really much into politics and so I don’t think they’re as serious as they should be, but I still think that there are those few that you know are out there that want to make that change.”

Mathis also says voter registration stations were scattered across campus to make it convenient for students and their busy schedules.

“ We have so many stations set up just because there are so many different opportunities and classes that people have that maybe they’re just not in the Ivy building , so we wanted to try to reach as many people as we could so we set up all over campus because you know we have different programs different areas of study,so we just tried to reach as many people as we could.”

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