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Meridian Community College's certified nursing assistant program receives national recognition

According to, Meridian Community College ranks number 35 in the nation as the most affordable certified nurses' assistant program.

President of MCC, Dr. Tom Huebner, says this is exciting news for the college.

“We’re really excited because that particular ranking I think is a good way of recognizing the quality we have in our program, they consider not only the cost, but they also consider factors such as student-faculty ratio, a number of accreditation the courses that are offered among a number of other factors, so for me it’s just a way of recognizing the excellent work that takes place here at Meridian Community College”

MCC instructor Wendie Alsobrooks says the CNA course only lasts for one semester, but students will learn plenty of materials that will have them ready to work after completion of the course.

“We teach them how to help the residents with activities of daily living, we teach a little bit of anatomy and physiology and then some of the disease processes that they may see in the clinical area.”

Huebner says nursing has it different rankings, but CNA plays an important role in the healthcare profession.

"They’re the ones who in the hospitals and the nursing care facilities they work hard, and it’s a good job opportunity, and it opens doors for families, I discovered in my life that people feel like they’re born to be a nurse and if you’re born to do that kind of work then you need to be at a place like Meridian Community College where we have faculty and resources where we really work hard to help our students be successful in that we regard."

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