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Meridian High School freshmen get reality check on financial literacy

Freshmen high school students at Meridian High School were in for one reality check today as they faced different real-life scenarios.

“This is a very important program because it sets the bar for these kids to learn the responsibilities of budgeting and living on their means of how much they make instead of how much they want to spend.”

It was all apart of learning about financial literacy to help students better manage money and prepare for what life will be like after high school.

“It’s very important for students to learn about financial literacy at a young age and, so we’re hoping to expose as many students as possible to going to high school and graduating from high school and college is important, so they can get a good job, and make more money as they get older.”

Meridian High School 9th grade student Aaliya Mendiola .says she learned what some life struggles will bring if she chooses not to pursue a post-secondary education.

“With my job I was lucky to have a college education and to be able to be a mechanical engineer but some of my classmates they didn’t start off with as much money as I did, so it was more of a struggle for them, but this experience taught me how to manage my money for better success in life.”

Mendiola also says before participating in the reality check program she had big plans for her future but now will make sure those plans will succeed

“ I want to be a pediatric surgeon, so their salary ranges from like 400 something thousand, so with this I feel like me going to college and pursuing that I’ll have more money to be well off.”

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