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South East High School shop students prepare to open their haunted house for October

South East High School Skills USA students have built one scary haunted attraction and the theme for this year is based off a haunted motel.

"One thing we’ve kind of tried to focus on really was the tight dark spaces, so we’ve made it really tight, really in your face, and certain times really loud; because everybody is really scared of loud noises, so that’s something we did, more twist, more turns, more dark areas, and more jump out in your face.”

It is Arianna Mcdonald's first year as a construction student at SouthEast High school, and she says it's been great to work with her fellow students on the haunted house project.

“We put it on because we want everybody to come out and have fun and it’s family friendly, you know we just want everybody to have a good time during Halloween.”

SouthEast High School shop teacher Jeremy Smith says all the guests that will check into the hotel won't know what surprises they are in for.

“ They can expect from the time that they get out of the car until they come in to experience a good haunted attraction, a lot of people kind of you know, they say things like; well this is a high school. Don’t let the high school fool you, we’ve had people wet themselves, poop themselves, it’s scary don’t think that you’ll be sticking your hands in peeled grapes when you come out here to South East High School Shop of Horrors.”

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