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Lamar High School seniors help raise funds to renovate Planet Playground.

“It started off with my Eagle Scout project, and you have to give back to the community"

For nearly 20 years Planet Playground has been around for kids to use,enjoy,and create memories ,but it needed a facelift to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act standards,so two high school seniors stepped up.

"Me and my friends were little, we always use to go out and play,and had a great time. I just figured that kids these days need a place like we had, so I decided to give back in that way.”

With the support of the community Jake Davidson and William Lamar raised over $50,000 in donations in just two months for the Planet Playground renovation.

“I felt like there would be some that would definitely contribute, but I didn’t expect a response like this, it’s very, very moving,and mind-blowing really, it’s just crazy the community would do that.”

The community rallied behind the two high school seniors, and so did The Community Foundation.

“This has enabled us to reach a point where the work on the playground can begin, we’re not finished raising money for it, the more we raise, the better the playground will be.”

But more needs to be done to complete the project, and all involved will continued to seek more donations to complete the full renovation

“Everybody should definitely have a chance to play on any playground in the nation, so it’s necessary. There shouldn’t ever have to be a problem that children with a disability shouldn’t be able to play on a playground.”

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