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Lauderdale Emergency Mangagement Agency Officials monitor Hurricane Michael.

Concerns rise as category three storm; Hurricane Michael approaches landfall.

Locally, The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency is keeping a close eye on the storm as it approaches the gulf coast in case there is a sudden change.

“I don’t think that we’re going to see a whole lot out of this hurricane, it will probably go somewhere like toward Florida, that way. We’ve got a cold front that’s coming down, and that’s going to push that hurricane away from us which is good. Our biggest weather threat would probably be more from the cold front than it would be the hurricane.”

According to LEMA official John Williamson, when any storm approaches important survival items should always be stored away and used for storm predicaments.

“ We should already have our go kits built; things like water, dry goods, as far as food, and things like that, nonperishable items. You should have some cash on hand in case for some reason we needed to get gas or something like that if the power was out.”

Williamson also adds that so far Hurricane Michael doesn’t raise an alarm for Meridian or Lauderdale County.

“Well, the concern for us earlier in the week was when they didn’t know where the path was going to go, so when they first started talking about it. It looked like it may of pushed into our area, but like I said, as we become aware of the cold front coming down. It looks like it’s going to beat the hurricane here and push it away from us, so that made it a lot of a less concern for us.”

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