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The Meridian Little Theater adds a new special effect for the Singing In The Rain musical.

Starting Thursday night, The Meridian Little Theater will be showcasing "Singing In The Rain", and the audience will be in for one surprise because of the newly installed special effects.

“This is the first time that we’ve had real rain on stage, free-flowing rain on stage;now we’ve had sets that would have, you know, working sinks, and things like that; where we need to have water on the stage, but it’s all been contained in a sink or something like that. So this is a first to my knowledge that we’re doing this.”

According to Massey, it’s not just the rain that will keep audience members at the edge of their seats, but there will be plenty of exciting scenes in the musical.

"Singing In The Rain" is a delightful musical comedy lots of wonderful music, lots of wonderful dancing, and it is funny, and it’s for the entire family. Everybody from three to 103 will enjoy this show.”

Massey says this musical tells a good story and is safe for the entire family to come out and enjoy.

“It’s squeaky clean, and it’s a sweet, funny story about two people that fall in love at a time when silent movies are on their way out, and talking movies are in there way in;1927 ,and it’s kind of an age of innocence if you will, and, so that’s one reason it’s very good for the whole family to come out and enjoy.”

Massey also says putting a production together like "Singing In The Rain" creates some challenges and is very time consuming

"It’s taken us a long time, I mean there are things that have to be built like this platform behind me, and stair units that go up, and down; plus furniture that has to be moved, and it’s just a lot things that go into a show like this.”

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