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Northeast Middle School host annual Golden Spoon Award.

Students getting rewarded for good behavior is something faculty at Northeast Middle School find favorable, this kind of recognition in students started just three years ago, and is referred to as The Golden Spoon

“It’s very rewarding that we have students that actually met the criteria for the Golden Spoon, so they don’t have to be told to clean the tables, they know to come in and be mannerable and do what is expected, talk to the cafeteria workers and tell them what choices they want for their lunch, and also they’re able to come in and do what they’re told."

According to Northeast Middle School principal Deborah Porter, she believes its always good for students to learn about things like etiquette.

“It came about to where we had the hustle and bustle of everybody; nowadays, we really don’t have a lot of children that actually have time to sit, we always eat on the run, I’m guilty of that myself. So we just said we’re going to work on some soft skills that we would actually have children come in and be able to practice our table manners, say thank you, and they go to the line, put their numbers in and speak loudly, use sentences to ask for their choices, and then.”

Britney Pippin who is a 5th-grade science teacher at the middle school says rewards motivates the students to work harder.

“They are rewarded with a day of free dress, kids, of course, this age they love to get to express themselves, and it’s a great way to reward them, it doesn’t cost them anything they can wear their regular clothes, they come and just be comfortable in their regular clothes, out of uniform, so it sets them apart."

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