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Absentee voting now available for November elections

All 82 circuit clerks in the state of Mississippi are wanting voters to not only be aware of the upcoming November 6th elections, but to also come in to do absentee voting if they are not able to vote during normal voting hours.

“Ballots are ready now, and if you feel like you need to vote absentee, we encourage you to come now. Don’t wait to avoid waiting in line. It’s picture ID applied on absentee ballots also. So, if you’ll come in this week, we’ve got the ballots ready and that way you’ll have piece of mind,” says Laud. Co. Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson.

Johnson says most people who vote absentee are those who will be out of town, but others include those who have surgeries scheduled, work in the medical field, students, and even those on active duty.

Active Duty Marine Campbell Partridge says, “We’re not always able to come home on leave. We’re deployed here and abroad. I remember when I was deployed last year, there were some local elections going on, and I wasn’t able to take part in those, but I was still able to do absentee. So, to still be able to voice my political beliefs and to be able to cast my vote and do the same as everyone else, I think its very important.”

Partridge has been in the marines for just over five years and is stationed and Marine Corps Base Quantico, which is just south of Washington D.C. While he has been doing absentee voting, he says this is the first time he has voted back home in Meridian.

“Honestly, this is the first time I’ve been able to vote in my hometown since I’ve been in the military. The last time I voted was right before I joined when I was 18 and a senior in high school. So, its kind of nostalgic, but it feels good to be able cast my vote where I’m from and in my home.” -Partridge

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