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Meridian Public Schools board officials are ensuring that students receive adequate learning support

School officials are staying on top of learning to prevent failing when it comes to state assessments, and board members are working to help

“So Far, the school district has been using a learning assessment called quick checks, and all schools have shown growth in language arts in comparison to last year’s results. The assessments continue during this week while students are assessed in math this week.”

According to the superintendent of Meridian Public Schools Dr. Amy Carter, checking student progress is an ongoing venture, but when a school doesn't meet standards, it's time to figure out why.

“What we are doing in some of our schools that did not show the gains that we expected, we’re taking a very close look at the data for each individual child; we’re identifying specific skills and strategies that we can use to work with those students."

Schools are offering tutoring, instructional small groups, and after-school programs for kids to get a head;however, Carter says students success is also driven by teacher success.

“We’re continuing to be innovative in our teacher recruitment efforts; we’re trying to make certain that we reach out to retired educators to be teachers in residence, where they come in and work with some of our Novus teachers doing the day. There are so many dedicated retired educators in our Meridian community, and we invite them to come out and be a part of this work that we’re doing to grow new teachers so that we can meet the needs of our students.”

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