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Top Soccer host second game of the season.

While players hit the field the cheering began, this marks the second game for the Top Soccer season which is a youth organization that serves special needs children, by providing them with an opportunity of a lifetime to play soccer and have fun.

“They see their siblings play in the game so many times and they don’t get the chance sometimes, they’ll play the game, and they have to stay on the sidelines, and this program is just for them, it’s designed for them, it’s about supporting them, cheering them on, loving them hugging them. Just having a good time with them, the game and it’s fun that it’s all for them and that’s what we try to do for them.”

Danny Russel who coaches and volunteers for Top Soccer says planning for this event is timely, and he and other supporters couldn’t do it without the help from the community.

“We’ve have a lot of support , a lot of good people in Meridian, a lot of good people that just like to help out, and we couldn’t do it without them, so we appreciate it. It just brings a lot of joy from a standpoint of seeing these kids just light up when they kick a soccer ball, and just getting out here with them passing doing a couple of drills and you can just see how much they appreciate it.”

According to Henry, when it comes to volunteering everyone has just chipped in even some big names well known in the community.

“Volunteers this year have been terrific, we’ve had Dusty’s Debbs, MCC’s physical therapy school, we’ve had Boy Scouts with Troop 2 out here representing, just a real good community event, and I think it’s just really growing because of the time we’ve been out here, the involvement in the community had has been terrific.”

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