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City of Meridian updating water meter system

The City of Meridian has been working on putting new water meters in for residents for the past several months. Parks and Rec. Director Hugh Smith with the city says these new residential meters go through a fixed-based meter reading system in which data is transferred electronically to a main frame, which then is put into a billing system. Smith says with this fixed-based system it allows for workers to read the system easier without having to go out to a customer’s yard or doing it in a certain time of the month.

“It recognizes what’s a normal read over a period of time and what’s not normal. So, it also gives us that option to help the customer or the citizen in regards to how they’re using their water. They may want their account put on hold or closed for a period of time. This meter allows us to do those types of things without us having to come out and do a whole lot of work in their neighborhood.” -Smith

While these meters are being installed, the City of Meridian wants customers to call 601-484-7173 if they notice a significant change in their statement.

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