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Meridian High School students have election mock exercise.

Students cast their ballots at Meridian High School today during a mock election exercise; they were able to get a feel for what a normal election day consists of.

“Most of our students aren’t eligible to vote; I think it is important that they have some experience so that on the day of the election, those who can vote will know exactly what the process is and to encourage them to become politically active and good citizens.”

Meridian High School Senior Malik Cater says one vote is just as important as any other.

“By you voting, you’re getting involved in your community or anywhere politically, and I feel as if like voting, you’re picking people that you feel are capable of being in that position, and even if they have different traits that you might not like, there’s always a runner-up.”

Meridian High U.S. history teacher Jeri Johnson decided to take her mock voter exercise to the next level, by having a make-believe polling precinct inside her classroom.

“It is absolutely important that our children understand the voting process and the procedures, being that they are fairly responsible for our future in government and the way our country is run. I think it gives them a great injustice to not expose them to this, so in my class, we like to take the voting process and turn it into something that’s almost as real as when they turn 18 and are able to walk into the polls themselves.”

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