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A fall festival is held in Marion for special needs students.

Halloween is only a week away, but The Meridian First Ladies Civitan Club which is an organization dedicated to helping and serving the community decided to host an early festivity for special needs children from Lauderdale County and Clarkdale.

“The teachers just love it, they ask us every year please, please, do it again, because their kids can’t go trick or treating, you know house to house with kids running and screaming, but they feel comfortable here you know with their own individual classmates, so the teachers just love bringing them, and the kids enjoy it they bring their candy and cookies and have a good time playing the games.”

According to South East Elementary Teacher Cindy Shirley, she prefers for all her students to have the fall festival experience this way because it prevents students from being in any danger.

“We’re not worried about getting any tainted candy, we’re not worried about our students you know running away, or going somewhere that’s unsafe. It’s just a great opportunity for our students to get out in the community, and it’s a wonderful way that Civitan and The Hamasa Shriners give back to the community.”

Junior Civitan Madalyn Sanders says the although the activities are indoor, it doesn’t reduce the fun that the children usually will have.

“We make sure all of our games are safe, for them of course and something that they don’t get aggravated with, they get to blow bubbles, face painting, there’s a little cookie walk, all fun different things.”

Cindy Shirley adds how nice it is to get so much support in the community to be a part of this great cause.

“When we come out and do this, without expecting anything in return, we get it, but it’s in the heart you know, it makes us feel good to know that we’re doing something that these students really like and enjoy, and the smiles on their faces makes it all worth wild for us.

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