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Meridian Community College students participate in My College Cares Day

Honor students at Meridian Community College decided to put in some community service hours in participation of The My College Cares Day, students scattered across Meridian and parts of Lauderdale County to be a part of a great cause.

“We just came out here to Northeast to help move some gravel, it was two big ole piles, and now we got it down to almost nothing, so they really needed some gravel spread out, so we were more than glad to help, it’s been great, it’s hard work I didn’t know what we were going to be doing, it’s been fun but hard.”

Students at Northeast Elementary were not able to utilize the playground days after a storm passed.

“Our parent-teacher organization donated some rocks to put on our equipment so that we could play on it when it’s raining; you know after it rains it would stay wet where the other side they could play on it an hour after it rains.”

The landscaping that needed to be done to the playground was not a job for one man to handle.

“It probably would of took us a week to do it, you know, because it would only be one of us doing it because one of us would have to watch the students while the other one did the shoveling, so it made it great on me, I’m very appreciative of all their hard work.”

It was one time-consuming sacrifice that honor students at M-C-C didn’t mind doing.

“It makes me feel great because I was a kid at one point of my life and giving back to these kids is an honor.”

Northeast Elementary principal Lisa Shelly adds how she can’t express enough thanks to all the MCC students that came out to chip in.

“Several projects around campus are either labor intensive or extra things that don’t come up in our normal day, so to have this group of students come, and show that they care and come and help us, it might seem like a small project but, it’s huge.”

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