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Local law enforcement agencies are ready for National Drug Take Back Day.

The National Drug Take-Back Day happens only twice a year, and officials with The Meridian Police Department and surrounding law enforcement agencies are partnering up to help collect and properly dispose of any expired or unused medication.

“The National Drug Take-Back was an event that was the legislature; legislation created this event for The Drug Enforcement Administration to rid our communities, rid our homes of no longer wanted prescription drugs.”

According to Meridian Police Department Lieutenant Rita Jack, If old or unused medication is not properly disposed, it can end up in the wrong hands.

“We no longer advise or recommend you flushing your drugs in the toilet or putting them in the trash, placing them in your trash could lead to someone either a child or a young adult, teenagers stealing the drugs from your trash or and taking them as well as selling these drugs.”

Jack says that the drug take-back is anonymous, and there are steps to follow to keep this possible.

“Move any identifying labels from your prescription drugs when I say identifying labels that has your name, your drug, number, your pharmacy name or any information that identifies that drug.”

Jack also adds many prescription drugs are collected each year and kept out of harms way.

“We don’t want a drug seekers or those that are addicted to narcotics to easily obtain these substances.”

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