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Meridian Community College receives grant from AT&T for students to start a leadership program o

Meridian Community College received a grant from AT&T to help develop a student leadership organization on campus; the college does not have a student government organization and faculty and students see a need to have one, this is where $7500 donated by AT&T will help.

“The opportunity to establish a leadership group there with the students who are learning leadership traits by being part of the student government association, I think it helps them, helps them grow and of course helps to grow our leaders of tomorrow here in this community,”

According to MCC president, Dr. Tom Huebner, starting a student government organization will help students become future role models.

“We want to teach them about how they can become the next generation of leaders not only in this county, in the city, in our state region, but in our country ,and so you know; it’s exciting that we are taking an action that will lead directly to developing the next generation of leaders.”

Huebner adds without support and funding like today; it wouldn’t be possible to fund leadership, opportunities, and he is just thankful to have the community invest their money and support at MCC.

“It means a lot to me as a president to know that we have people like C.D Smith, folks like AT&T who believe enough in what we do that they are willing to put their dollars here, so and that will return multi-fold as these students are learning about leadership and learning about how to have an important voice and how decisions are made in the community.”

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