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Michael Guest visits Quitman with just under two weeks until election

Running for the House of Representative’s 3rd Congressional District seat, Republican candidate Michael Guest is making his final rounds across the state with the election happening in just under two weeks.

“I think its important that we honor the sacrifices that have been made by our men and women in the military who have served our country to fight, or in come cases, given their lives so that we have the right to elect our leaders. Whether you’re electing leaders on a federal level, a state level, or a local level, its important that your voice be heard. The leaders that you represent will be making decisions that will affect your family for many years to come,” says Guest.

Today he is visiting Skidmore’s Restaurant in Quitman. When it comes to issues such as securing our borders, he says border security is at the forefront due to drugs coming in from places such as Central and South America, which are then brought into the U.S. through Mexico. While he also believes in securing the border due to illegal immigration, he says he is in full support and encourages, legal immigration.

Guest says, “We have been a nation of immigrants, and we need to continue to remain so. Again, we need to look at see where we have certain areas of our society where we are lacking skilled workers. We need to have those people and set up a path for them for citizenship into our country.”

For the past 22 years, Guest has worked as an Assistant District Attorney and now District Attorney in Mississippi. He says this gives him an advantage as a candidate and that if he is elected, he will continue to fight for justice for things such as better access to drug and alcohol treatment and improving the state’s infrastructure.

“For the last 22 years I have fought on behalf of the people of Mississippi. I’ve fought in courtrooms to see that the guilty were convicted and that justice prevails. I believe that I can take that same experience as a prosecutor and quickly transition to be an effective legislator on behalf of the state of Mississippi.” -Guest

The election is next Tuesday, November 6th. Guest is running against Democratic candidate Michael Ted Evans and Reform candidate Matthew Holland. Evans’s official website is and for more information on Holland, visit

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