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Bridge project on Causeyville road set to go up for bids next week

With an important meeting coming up for the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors next Monday, they are busy evaluating what needs to be done about failing infrastructure in the county.

“I wish it would come a little quicker because we’ve got numerous bridges in there. It’s going to be good in four years when we get the full amount, but we won’t get but a quarter of it in 2020. So, we need all the help we can get because we’ve got a lot of infrastructure.” -Kyle Rutledge, District 5

Back in late August, a bill was passed, and in that bill, Lauderdale county will be receiving

$900,000 in four years for infrastructure. However, the county will only receive a quarter of that amount in 2020. One bridge on Causeyville road, which is in Rutledge’s district, has been closed for over a year. Their engineers thought it could remain open.

“They thought it was ok to still remain open, but they go by a different standard than our engineers. We have to follow the Federal Highway Administration,” says Rutledge.

Next Monday, the board of supervisors will put this project up for bids, and their engineer says depending on which company picks up the project, that construction should begin after the first of the year.

“We’ve been working with the railroad to get a permit, and we’re got everything situated. We’re in the process in our next board meeting to put it out for bids. It’ll have to be advertised in the paper and advertised for 30 days. Once that bids, it’ll be the first of December accepting the bids.” -Rutledge

This bridge has been lined up to be replaced for quite some time, along with many others in the county and state.

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