Meridian Community College partners with DeWalt and receives a large donation.
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Meridian Community College partners with DeWalt and receives a large donation.

The DeWalt power tool company donated more than $35,000 in power tools to the Construction Trades, Electrical Technology, Industrial Maintenance, and Welding programs at Meridian Community College.Officials with the company say it’s their way of promoting workforce development.

“It’s not just about donating the tools, it’s about getting in front of the students and educating them as well on the different type of technologies that go into you know not only making the power tools, but the safety measures and things that you need to be aware of when you’re utilizing them, at the end of the day we want these young men and women to be productive in society but also return home safely.”

MCC project manager Darren Bane says courses like construction trades require students to have up to date technology and he is thankful for the donation that DeWalt provided the students with.

“It’s great to have a company that’s willing to invest in our students and in the life of our students as they get ready to further their education here at MCC, and this partnership came about like I said several months ago, and it just gives our students an opportunity to work with the latest technology.”

Construction Student Marika Riddle says she can’t wait until her and other students begin using the new equipment.

“I look forward to using the products because, we have used them a little bit and they work very well, and I think they’ll be great assets to our class as a student.”

Bane adds the donation helps replace equipment that is worn after years of use.

“Probably the average age of the tools that are students were using was 5 years on average, you know when you’re talking about battery operated tools that’s pretty close to its lifespan you know to be able to get new tools and to have them donated is just the icing on the cake.”