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Bridge on Murphy Road being observed for repairs

With 300 bridges in Lauderdale County, there are some that are needing major repairs. The county’s road manager, Rush Mayatt, is meeting with Engineering Plus to survey a bridge on Murphy Road.

“This bridge was inspected by state-aid appointed consultants, and they had critical findings and repairs that they made recommendations to us to get fixed,” says Mayatt.

This is a timber bridge, and Mayatt says some of the pilings are in poor shape and in need of new ones or they need to be spliced all together. Fixing and placing all of the county’s bridges at one time isn’t feasible according to Mayatt, but he says they are working with what they can and working alongside contractors to figure out what all needs to be done, and when.

“Especially with the standards being changed and the new inspections taking place, it’s very important we put together some kind of plan of systematically upgrading these bridges such as this one right here.”

On this bridge, the repairs are going to go ahead and be made, and, eventually, all timber bridges will replaced and upgraded.

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