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The Lauderdale County School District receives grant from the USDA

Lauderdale County School District recently received $235,555 from the USDA to go to providing the advanced and Foreign Language classes with new mobile carts that will be placed in classrooms.

“Students will be able to view the teacher on ,there will be a camera in the room so the teacher can interact with the students that are in the classrooms and then vice versa. They will be able to interact with the teacher, so it will be just like the teacher standing there, and they will be able to do the interaction with them. The only difference will be able to push that out to our different locations and be able to teach more classes.”

Kevin Cheatham who serves as the Director of Career and Technical Education for Lauderdale County says this grant will help the school district keep up with the new modernizations in learning.

“We’re receiving our mobile carts to go in our classroom where we can kind of do live streaming kind of between our classrooms, if we have a foreign language class at 1:00 at one of our campuses, and we don’t want to offer at one of our other campuses, we will be able to live stream that teacher into a classroom in all of our district schools besides Northeast.”

Clarkdale High School principal Ken Hardy says he is very thankful for the generosity of the donation because there will be so many uses for the new technology.

“The USDA will allow us to offer courses that we ordinarily would not be able to offer.We are currently offering AP Physics through the global teaching project, and the use of the carts that we would obtain from the grant, they would allow students to interact with teachers, tutors, to complete coursework online and I think otherwise it would be a great opportunity for our students to take classes that they would not ordinarily have an opportunity to take."

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