McDaniel and Hyde-Smith make one last visit through Meridian before election
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McDaniel and Hyde-Smith make one last visit through Meridian before election

With Thad Cochran retiring after four decades within the Senate, the seat is now up for grabs tomorrow, and candidates Cindy Hyde-Smith and Chris McDaniel are making their final campaign stops throughout Meridian.

“I’ve known her. I know her integrity, and I know her hard work. She’s a small business woman, a rancher, a wife, and a mother. She was in the senate as my agricultural committee chairman when I was Lt. Gov. I’ve seen her get elected twice as a republican to state-wide elected office. I know she’s doing a great job, and so I’m very excited, along with the president of the United States, to endorse Cindy Hyde-Smith. We’ve had a wonderful day on the bus, and we’re going to finish strong and get elected tomorrow.” -Gov. Phil Bryant

Republican candidate Chris McDaniel claims he is the only true Republican in this race and that because of Smith’s political party shift, that she isn’t a true Republican.

“We’re fighting the good fight. We’ve been more than 50,000 miles. We’ve answered all the questions at more than 600 events. I’m the conservative in this race. I’m the only life-time Republican in this race. The other candidates have either voted for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. That’s not me. If you want a fighter, I’m your guy.” -McDaniel

“She’s helped me a lot as we’ve worked together to try to get others to switch parties to become Republicans. You do that if you’re a real Republican, and you have to ask anybody who claims that when she ran state-wide as a Republican Ag commissioner candidate, did you vote for her? If you didn’t, then that’s a bad answer, because that means you voted for the Democrat. And if you did, and if you voted for her in 2011 and you voted for her in 2015 as a Republican candidate, what are you arguing about and complaining about now?” -Rep. Gregg Harper

McDaniel says he believes the Republicans in the state a truly in support of him because he claims Smith is simply a Democrat at heart. He says the bond he has made with the people on the road during the campaign is something he will never forget.

“The people of our state have been through a lot together. Our job is to empower individuals, to expand liberty for everybody, to give everybody worth, autonomy, self-government, and to actually increase their standard of living to make them better people. In other words, mobility. So, when I’m around people and I meet people, it’s truly special.” -McDaniel

“We’re true to ourselves and we’re true to this state. We’re here for the right reasons. We want to move Mississippi forward. We want to further President Trump’s agenda, and most Mississippians are God-fearing people that want good access to healthcare and hospitals, and I’m there to be that voice for them.” -Hyde-Smith

Smith and McDaniel are also running against Democratic candidate Mike Espy and Non-Partisan candidate Toby Bartee.