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Meridian Council For The Arts sponsors Lagniappe Trio at Northwest Middle School.

Thanks to The Meridian Council for the Arts, students at Northwest Middle School got a taste of some classical music performed by musicians Rachel Ciraldo, Christopher Lowry and Stephanie Gustafson that make up the Lagniappe Trio.

“We obviously love what we do, and it is very fulfilling for us to perform, but when we get audiences that leave with something that they’ve never heard before and never experienced before, that is truly special, and we know that we are ensuring the future of music and classical style music when we create opportunities like this that are memorable and positive.”

Northwest Middle School Choir director Zachari Ruff says bringing the arts into the school system not only changes the way that students learn about it also expands their minds and offers different opportunities for them to learn.

“Social studies and science use the arts to teach their standards, so our students need to be exposed this type of music, they’re going to be exposed to different instruments and different music so that they go out into the world and they know more things that we’re teaching them here.”

Ciraldo adds anyone can learn how to play an instrument if they invest an adequate amount of time.

“Every instrument is valuable and important, and as I mentioned in our program, today music is truly for everyone. We don’t have to necessarily like only one style of music if we can appreciate all the styles of music than we will ensure that it exists in our culture and it improves the quality of life for the people that live in Mississippi.”

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