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Clarkdale High School students build beds for those in need

Students at Clarkdale High School are giving to those in need in their community by simply providing a place for them to lie their heads down.

“We normally build bunk beds that’s how this project started, it was a bunk bed, but we’ve had several folks call in and asked for just twins, so we’ve now begun to do some twin beds. When people do call and ask normally and will request from an organization like DHS or Meridian LOL, we’ve done some for First John’s Ministries, and school counselors;when we start the process it normally takes 3-4 days just because we are a regular classroom and our curriculum comes first.”

According to Buchanan students are always willing to build beds because they know it will change several families lives.

“When students get to deliver those beds, and they get to interact with the family and see how much the family appreciates the work that the students have put in. We started this project, helping others, but I think it’s actually come full circle and now it’s helping the students, and it’s helping them see that they can put that little bit of work in an effort to make a huge difference in someone else's life.”

Clarkdale High Senior Solomon Roberts says there are days when a demand for beds rises unexpectantly.

“ We get request from like counselors and DHS and places like that a lot of the times we don’t really know who they’re going to, but we deliver them.”

Although students build the bedframes some generosity from others in the community, provide a piece of the beds needed to complete them.

“ Local churches and community groups and individuals have been donating mattresses, so we’ve been very fortunate through our community that no one has gotten a bed without a mattress so far. “

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