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Evans and Guest weigh in on campaign experience

Now the 3rd Congressional District race has come to an end, the democratic and republican candidates are weighing in on their experience throughout the campaign.

“Anywhere you go in Mississippi, people are always friendly. I always like meeting new people. When you pull up at somebody’s house and you ask them for their vote and then they invite you in to drink sweet tea with them and eat lunch with you even when they don’t know you, that means a lot to you. We still have those values here in Mississippi, and that’s what I’ve liked most about the campaign.” -Michael Evans (D)

“We’ve gotten to do some incredible things, and we’ve gotten to meet some great people. We’ve made a lot of new friends during this ten-month journey that we’ve expected to be lifelong friends. We’ve enjoyed this campaign, we’ve enjoyed getting to meet people, and enjoyed getting to know more about our state.” -Michael Guest (R)

When it comes to connecting to the people of Mississippi along the way, Evans says he knows first hand what its like to be a Mississippian.

“I work on a farm. I was a fireman for 21 years. I understand what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. My wife had cancer at a very early age, so I understand what it means to have healthcare, to have affordable insurance. I understand the part about pre-existing conditions, because if it weren’t for that, my wife and I would be in terrible shape trying to get insurance for ourselves. I just understand what the every day Mississippian goes through because I live it every day.” -Evans

Serving roles as Assistant District Attorney and District Attorney in Madison and Rankin counties for the past 22 years, Guest says he has seen the common goal of people who have different walks of life throughout the state.

“We come from different paths, but we all have common goals and common things that unite us. I’ve seen that all along the campaign trail, and that’s something that I hope if I’m selected of the people of the 3rd congressional district to represent them in congress, that I can carry those ideas forward.” -Guest

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