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First ever therapy dog at Alliance Health Center

“It may not be the highlight of their year to be in the hospital, but there’s something about seeing Bennett that just puts a smile on their face.”

At Alliance Health Center, someone new is making an appearance within patients’ recreational therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“As much as I love him, I just knew the patients would love him. He just has a sweet little personality. I knew from the beginning he’d be the perfect therapy dog. He’s real smart and sweet, and the patients are always talking about how much they love their pets. The benefits of animals in therapy is really well documented, so it really kind of wasn’t a question,” says recreational therapist, Hannah Culpepper.

While Alliance’s recreational therapy incorporates activities such as art, music, and games, the staff decided that two-year-old golden doodle, Bennett, who is owned by Culpepper, would be a perfect fit as their first ever therapy dog.

“A lot of smiles. You know, patients come in here in their low points. They may be a little depressed or anxious and something that can brighten their day and make them smile, I think, is really important.” -Culpepper

Bennett has been at Alliance since the beginning of October, and they say they have already seen tremendous mood improvement among patients.

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