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Wesley House Community Center seeks volunteers

Since 1904, The Wesley House Community Center has been focusing on meeting the needs of families in the community.

This Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, and Wesley House personnel say volunteer help is needed.

“Right now, I need folks who can come in and look at the dates on the cans and help sort by the product by the dates. It’s kind of a meticulous type of work, but we need that done, and then once that’s done we need folks that can help select the product and put in in bags for those for the Thanksgiving meals.”

Wesley House executive director David Schultz says he’s grateful from the large food donations that have been contributed to the center.

“We just received a good order, a good number of items from the Fill the Mayflower campaign and we appreciate all the folks in the schools,all the kids that participated with that. With those items, we have a lot of vegetables, a lot of green beans and corn.”

Schultz also says The large quantity of food on hand makes it impossible for one man to handle.

“We’ re going to be distributing next Monday and Tuesday our Thanksgiving bags, so we will cease our regular operations as well as assistance and work slowly on that, but we certainly need volunteers this week in sorting the product that we got in last week, and getting that ready and preparing the food bags for those for Thanksgiving.”

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