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Local church has $5,000 worth of equipment stolen

Reverend Tony T. Moore has been preaching at Mount Valley Missionary Baptist Church for the past six months, but while doing his daily check up on the building last week, he noticed something -- was off.

“I immediately came through the back door here, and I wondered why the church looked different. I soon came to find out that the keyboard was stolen, our speaker system was stolen, our mic system was gone, you know, our microphones, that type stuff.” -Rev. Moore

Reverend Moore encourages those who stolen the nearly $5,000 worth of equipment to come forward, repent, and seek forgiveness that they and God have to offer.

“When you steal from God, you’re at your lowest extreme. We’re a small congregation, we don’t have many members. We’re trying to rebuild. The devil is attacking on one hand and God is trying to elevate on another.” -Rev. Moore

“Like I shared with my congregation on Sunday, God will see us through this. Greater is coming. I’m not worried because I know there will be a blessing waiting on us on the other side.”

He has been in contact with local pawn shops and encourages anyone with information to come forward. The church is hosting a Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday at 2:30pm and encourages everyone to come out.

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