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The Lauderdale County School District seeks national assistance in ways to improve learning.

The Lauderdale County School district received national help from a school leadership development consultant; she has carried on several responsibilities involving other Lauderdale County Schools.

“I focused my concentration on working with school leaders and helping the people that actually are principals, and assistance principals in the building to be able to enhance the work that they're doing to improve student performance.”

Ellspermann says she also has been working closely with the Superintendent to develop ideas that can help the school system continue to remain on top of things.

“I really applaud Dr. Cain and the work that he’s doing because he is really taking a different look at his schools getting the perspective of someone else to come in and work with his school leaders, and it allows us to have a conservation on what it is that we can do to enhance the learning of all students.”

Ellspermann adds that the way students learn all traces back to the teachers, and feels the county is strong in this area.

“One of the things that I’ve seen are great educators, in your classrooms but I always look for what are we doing to challenge people to become the next educator, so what are we doing in our schools to really make sure that we are encouraging students to become educators, because we’re preparing them for so many other professions, but I want to make sure that we always have the best and the brightest teaching our students."

Ellspermann mentions she is very pleased with the school system overall.

“When you have a good school district like you have here it’s more challenging to see what more you can do, and I really applaud the district in wanting to really drill down and see what else can be done to make these really good schools even better.”

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