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First-ever mobile coffee drive-thru comes to Meridian

“You can have a coffee and have it as fat or as skinny as you want it, and everybody seems to enjoy that. It breaks down barriers and helps us have a conversation with each other.”

One local woman is looking to “jump start” coffee lovers’ days with Meridian’s first-ever mobile drive-thru coffee business called JumpStart Coffee.

“Well, we were sitting at a drive-thru at another city at a coffee shop, and they had a drive-thru on both sides. So, we thought what a great idea that would be. They teach you in business school that it’s all about location, location, location. So, we thought, what if we pick the wrong location? It then evolved to being on wheels so that we can travel around and go where the people want us to be.” -Aprille Reeves, Owner

The coffee on wheels business parks in various locations in Meridian five to six days a week.

“Coffee is kind of the universal language. Almost everybody likes some form of coffee or another. It’s that little jump start, literally, in our day that helps us get our eyes open and our feet on the floor. When its cold it warms you up, and even on a warm day that little shot of caffeine helps everybody out.” -Reeves

In helping everybody out, when working events, part of their proceeds goes to help local missions and organizations such as the Mississippi Alzheimer’s Association. They also have Perk Cards and with every 12th visit, you can get a free beverage of your choice. To see where they will be heading next, visit their Facebook page at JStartCoffee or text JUMP to 55498 for a weekly text of their locations.

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