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Southeast Elementary School has a ticket raffle worth $ 10,000

Since late September, The Southeast Elementary School PTO have stepped up to raise money for the campus in the form of a raffle and as a thank you; one lucky raffle ticket-holder won $10,000 today at the school.

“We do have the money because of our wonderful PTO and our PTO drives it, but our parents in the community make it happen you know; we don’t just like to ask for money we like to provide them with a service or an opportunity, so when we do things we always try to give back to our community and support them because they support us.”

Southeast Elementary PTO president Jessica Fisher says the raffle drawing came to fruition due to the efforts of the PTO members.

“We talked about this via text messages one night and we just rolled with it from there, it probably took us a couple of weeks to get this done and go into an account and getting the raffle tickets drawn up; it really was the easiest fundraiser we ever did honestly”

Fisher says the funds will go to help make needed repairs and additions to the campus.

“We are raising money to hopefully fix up this stage, and we would love to see new water fountains put out in some of our hallways, new computers for our school, an awning at the car rider line and there is several other things that our school needs that we are continuing working towards.”

Powell adds he does not know where Southeast Elementary would be if it were not for the PTO.

“Our PTO is not only wonderful for things like this, for fall fun day, for our $10,000 raffle but, they help us out in so many ways for example we’re one of the very few schools here in this area that have a one to one ratio with computers to students and that’s totally attributed to our PTO.”

Fisher also says only time will tell what the next big thing the PTO will pull from under their sleeves.

“We’ve discussed raffling off a Disney trip in the spring, but we’re really just not sure at the moment.”

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