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Bonita Lakes Mall stores participate in Black Friday sales.

Tis the season for Black Friday shoppers in Meridian. Many sales went on today at Bonita Lakes Mall, as shoppers came in search of savings.

"Black Friday is typically and historically the kickoff to the holiday season, so that’s the first day where everybody has an opportunity that is offered pretty much for the week or the weekend, and it’s just the jump start to the holiday season.”

According to Giorgio's Fine Clothing Store assistant store manager Frank Edwards: this is the only time of the year when shoppers will get the most for their money.

“The prices are going to be as low as it’s going to be all year, we might be running some sales all year, but there never gone be a sale this good, you’re not going to buy one get one free, you’re not going to get something half off and you’re not going to get anything free at all, because you ’re not getting anything free, you have to pay for everything, so this is about the only time of the year where you’re going to get sales 80, 85% off and you’re going to get something free.”

Edwards says they also try to continue the Black Friday sales for those who miss it.

“ You know they have people like us that are still going to run the black Friday sale all the way through the weekend, so if you miss us today, you can see us tomorrow, you know; we’re here for the people.”

The sales didn't stop there for just suits; bargains were up for grabs for children’s clothing also.

“If you’ re buying for multiple children, you may think it’s a little bit of a percentage, but you’ll get a lot off versus if you brought it on a regular day. Some stuff you get maybe buy one get one free, or you may get a half price off an item where you regularly would pay full price.”

Garrison says while Black Friday can be good for customers ,it is also great for the store owners themselves.

“It helps us get rid of a lot of items may be that we have an overflow of the stock maybe or items that are kind of fading out for our season that kind of helps us get rid of them.”

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