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Lauderdale county sees high voter turnout once again

“I feel like that there’s just a renewed sense of we need to get out and vote, not just in Mississippi, but in the entire country.” -Jeff Tate, Election Commissioner, Lauderdale County

With this historic senate runoff between Mike Espy and Cindy Hyde-Smith, a momentum has been seen throughout voters in Lauderdale county.

“Those are the facts, you know, we are experiencing high voter turnout. We had a record turnout for absentees three weeks ago. We’ve had a record turnout for midterm and general three weeks ago, and we’ve had record turnout for the runoff for this midterm.” -Tate

Tate says in the past few decades, senate races have not been this intense.

“Usually when you go vote for senate in Mississippi in the past few decades, you think its nothing but red, but in this case and in this particular set of circumstances, its red or blue. So, because of that, people have a realized, ‘Ok, my vote really does count. If I encourage my friends, my family, and my neighbors to go out, then it really can make a difference.” -Tate

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