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The Lauderdale County School District finds the EverFi online curriculum to be effective.

The Lauderdale County School District is using an e-text to help improve students academics.

“EverFi is an online resource that teachers are using that is to teach real-world skills, and it's used to supplement the teaching of our curriculum standards through simulation.”

Lauderdale County School officials say they thought it would be beneficial to students to have more hands-on with technology.

“EverFi is used by several teachers to supplement what they teach in the classroom, and it is a valuable online teaching tool that provides real-world application and simulation of what they’re teaching, that’s why we use it.”

Lauderdale County School curriculum director Cheryl Thomas adds how the EverFi curriculum is continuing to be used district-wide because of it’s effectiveness

“Currently there are seven schools in our district using EverFi ranging from middle to high school, and we are constantly looking to increase that because of the value of the courses.”

Thomas says those courses range from various subjects accessible to students.

“They’re actually 19 different courses, and they call them courses but they’re supplemental learning, it’s not an entire course, but they’re courses as they call them ranging in Math, Social Studies, Science, Financial Literacy, there is also some elementary courses for instance compassion.”

With technology at students fingertips Everfi is just one way that keeps Lauderdale County schools up to date in their digital education.

“Anytime you provide an online teaching tool and also one that helps students apply what they are learning in the classroom, it’s helpful to the students and to the teachers.”

Northeast Middle School teacher Sheri Thorton says she uses EverFi because students enjoy learning when they think they’re having fun.

“Anytime You can engage students in activities rather than in written work they buy in more easily."

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