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A local law enforcement officer shares what life consist of off patrol.

"When you’re off work, you’re off, and that’s why a police officer cannot work every day because you have to have that time to your’self, you have to have that time to rest up and to you know have that me time to just settle from everything that is happening here in the city."

When Officer Ronald Turner is off patrol, he still serves his community by giving back in several ways.

“I do a lot off duty, I do community service, with the Boys and Girls Club, I go in and speak to the club about safety and gun safety and making the right choices. I spend a lot of time with youth at my church pretty much just mentoring them as well.”

Turner says when the badge comes off, he sometimes will reflect on how his day was spent at work.

“You’re never supposed to take your job home with you but it’s hard not to. I’ve always encountered situations where I could of probably done it better, but you know, you take those situations, and you grow with it, and you try to learn from those mistakes and choices that you make on the job and try to do a better job at it, so it’s kind of like a learning experience for the whole police department.

Turner adds when witnessing a crime even off-duty, justice still has to be served.

“There was a situation that happened at Dillard's in the mall, and I was actually off duty just shopping and saw somebody running, and I saw the security guards running after them, and I ended up apprehending that subject while I was off, you know just helping them out just because the policing just kicked in.”

Turner also says regardless how he spends his days off, he enjoys making the time to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.

“It’s really simple to do two things. I don’t do it for the fame, I don’t do it for the money I do it because of the heart I have for people and the love I have for people.”

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