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Anderson Regional Medical Center honors auxiliary volunteers

For years auxiliary volunteers at Anderson Hospital have been devoting their time to those in need and today, the hospital showed their appreciation during a luncheon.

“This luncheon is a way the volunteers to be appreciated for the hospital to recognize the volunteers, to give the volunteers an opportunity to learn more about each other, because; even though we are the same organization, we don’t always volunteer in the same places, so this is a fellowship time for the us as well as a time to recognize what we’ve been able to do throughout the year.”

Willis says the volunteers look forward to touching the lives of others.

“We do it because we love people, we love the hospital, we love how the hospital contributes to the community, but most importantly we love the patients and we want the patients to feel as if they’re being served well that they’re going to be in a place of healing, not only for the body but of the spirit.”

Willis also says with help of other volunteers they’re able to accomplish many things for the hospital.

“Some of the things that we’ve done this year; we’ve purchased wheelchairs for the hospital, we’re in the process of purchasing a Geri sight chair for the Geri sight unit. We’ve done a clothing drive for people who were maybe in automobile accidents and their clothes have to be cut away, and we’re able to give them something to wear home, we’ve done clothing drives for babies.”

President of the auxiliary Dorothy Stovall says there’s no better feeling than giving back.

“It makes yourself feel really wonderful giving back to others and when we do this, it’s not about us it’s about taking care of the patients and making them happy and comfortable.”

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