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Clarkdale Middle School receives visit from Miss Mississippi 2018.

The gym at Clarkdale Middle School was filled with smiles and cheers as the staff and students welcomed Miss Mississippi 2018 Aysa Branch.

“I really enjoy speaking at schools and seeing the difference that I can make in the lives of others, that’s the most important part of this job it’s a selfless job, it’s a job of service, it’s a job of service, serving the state and I’m glad that I get to serve all of the different schools and just share so much vital information that can really carry these kids a long way."

Branch paid a visit to the school in participation of The Tar Wars program.

"My main goal as Miss Mississippi is to spread positivity throughout our state and with my Tar Wars presentation, I always speak about you know being successful and the things it takes to get there, and I also just incorporate Tar Wars in there, they are so many factors that go into there.”

Tar Wars aims to keep kids from smoking but that's not all.

Branch also speaks about the importance of getting good grades, staying in school and being an all-around good human being.

“I think it’s important that kids kind of understand how important their academics are and propelling them to a bright future as well as their behavior you know making good behavioral habits doing what you know is right and not acting out”

Branch hopes she her message will reach students and make a difference for their futures.

“I see the need and the importance in spreading this information to young kids so that they know the dangers of tobacco and how to keep themselves away from it so that they will have longer healthier lives.”

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