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Meridian High School incorporates Christmas into school subjects.

This is the second year the theme "Christmas at Meridian High School" has had the hallways and classrooms transformed into a winter wonderland.

“Decorations is connected an instruction and a standard that the teachers are teaching so the students have a twofold one they see beautiful decorations throughout the buildings, but they are also learning from the theme that is associated with the decoration throughout the building.”

Teachers and staff say making connections and keeping kids engaged is easy, because kids look forward to Christmas each year.

“We choose Christmas out of all the other holidays because we know that Christmas is special; it is a special time of the year not only here in the city of Meridian and at the school of Meridian High School but across this Country”

Students at all grade levels are in involved with creative content ranging from fiction themes to holiday tales.

“You see things such as Charlie Brown Christmas, Oh Christmas Tree, Polar Express, Night Mare before Christmas all of those things have a meaning, and that is what the children are learning about.”

Hubbard says bringing the Christmas spirit into the classrooms helps make learning more rewarding for students.

“Research says students learn best by hands on learning, by being engaged, by being able to analyze and critique what they are learning. So, we know that our students learn best by being engaged as well as being able to analyze to make students think.”

Even though the decorations must eventually come down, school officials hope the lessons and message will have a lasting impression.

“We expect our students to get from this a feel to want to be at school the joy of being able to walk down the halls and see beautiful decorations that has been prepared just for them.”

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