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Poplar Springs Elementary holds annual giving feast

Each year, Poplar Springs Elementary has a giving feast that teaches students the importance of giving back; especially to the less fortunate.

Today, a celebration was put on by students after collecting several toys for the Wesley House Community Center.

“All of this is credited to the parents and the families that we have here at Poplar Springs, because we just send out the note, please send in a toy for a donation and this is what we get back, so it’s a way that we take our school culture and put it in a plan of action.”

The students collected a large variety of toys.

“We have a lot of baby dolls and stuffed toys, any item that the kids bring in we take it all. We have marker and crayons and any item because we know that there is some kid out that there that will really enjoy it.”

Fifth grade student Lucy Simons says her and other students always look forward to collecting unwrapped gifts,so other kids will enjoy Christmas just as much they do.

“A lot of little boys and little girls go here and get presents, and people at the Wesley House usually don’t get presents, but we donate to them, and it’s really special.”

Wesley House Community Center Executive director David Schultz says the donations received will make a difference for the amount of children in need of Christmas presents this year.

“We’re going to do Christmas for just about 500 children this year. Five hundred on our general list, we’ve done about a hundred and fifty on our foster list as well. “

Garret says witnessing students support a good cause can produce a good feeling.

“It’s always so touching not just as a parent but also as a teacher because these kids are our kids, you know we treat them just as if they’re our own kids, so to see them give them so much and be so compassionate, I couldn’t be prouder as a parent; I couldn’t be prouder as a teacher.”