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Care Lodge getting ready to distribute Christmas donations

The Care Lodge Domestic Violence Shelter is gearing up to distribute Christmas donations to their families.

Executive Director Leslie Payne says, “some people may think, ‘Oh, well living in a shelter at Christmas time would be a very bad thing.’ It can be stressful, and it can be a challenge, but Santa Claus knows exactly where our families are on Christmas.”

Over the years, the amount of donations have grown significantly.

“I can remember way back twenty years ago when all of the items that we received would fit into one large room, and it seems now that everything fits into three large rooms,” says Payne.

This year, they are assisting around three hundred people, including those who are currently in their shelter. A lot of the products are left over after the holidays, and they’re able to use them throughout the year for the families that come to the Care Lodge for help. They also can use extra clothes and toys that are left over for birthdays and other special occasions. Being unique to Care Lodge, their moms also receive some Christmas cheer and receive items they need along with a wish list.

“Our moms are just as important as our children, so when moms wake up on Christmas morning, they have things under the tree as well. Moms certainly get things on their wish list too,” says Payne.

They will still take late donations which can be dropped off at their office. Some items needed are jackets, pajamas, blankets. The office will be open until 4:30 pm on Christmas Eve.

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