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3-Foot Building Construction site is under investigation.

It has been several months now since the facelift began at the 3-Foot Building, but yesterday crew members discovered that something went wrong.

“We responded to a burglary at the 3-foot building around seven o clock yesterday morning; which was Monday morning. The crews that work at 3-foot building noticed some tools that were missing from the 3-Foot Building.”

Officers were able to work with other businesses in the area to try and track down the possible burglars.

“I went by different businesses and the location to see could they come up with any type of video footage, hopefully, we can catch the people that were coming out of the 3-foot building or who broke into the 3-Foot Building.”

The missing equipment is costly, and Thompson hopes someone will come forward with information that is useful.

“They stole over $2,000 worth of tools, and it’s all the information we have at this time, but we are trying to come up with some suspects in this case that’s the reason why we’re going to different business hopefully somebody has the video footage of them leaving or breaking into the 3 Foot Building.”

While the incident is unfortunate, it should not put plans for the building on hold.

“It’s no delay, these guys are probably upset that somebody work tools were stolen, but the activity in the building is still moving forward.”

And the wait will be worth it.

“We’re going to have a place on about the 12 or 13th floor that you can have a drink and also a restaurant; you’re going to see a skylight of Meridian, the Ellenton Hotel, that’s one of the good pieces about that hotel.”

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