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Local man buys old grocery store building and puts in fireworks business

For those looking to spark up their holidays, a new business in Collinsville is sure to make that happen. Jeff Tate, who is a Meridian native and the Commissioner for District 5 in Lauderdale county, has purchased the old McPhail grocery store to use it as a fireworks business.

With Collinsville seeing a lot of traffic from surrounding towns such as Marion and Philadelphia, Tate says this is the perfect location for a fireworks business. While Tate has another fireworks spot in Mario, he said this building is special because of the popular grocery store that was in this building for decades.

"McPhail Grocery, in my opinion, is a landmark here in Collinsville. I think that we were able to get it at a good buy, and fireworks is really just the beginning. We're going to do a lot of renovations here. Structurally, this is a sound building, but as far as wiring and plumbing, we're going to upgrade all of that. We're going to try to utilize this for more than just fireworks. Fireworks is the beginning, but it's just the beginning,” said Tate.

They will be open starting Saturday from 10am until 7pm and will also be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from noon until 7pm. They will also be open on New Year’s Eve starting at 8 am.

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