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The Knights of Columbus donate coats to Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi.

The Knights of Columbus collected over 100 coats and then donated them to the Boys and Girls club to help children.

“We have coats here for kids four years, five years old.; all the way up to high school age. Our primary focus is the younger ones, but we take any coats that anyone brings us and that kind of thing and we put them to good use."

Donors quickly reacted once they heard that children were in need of winter cover.

“We put the word out, handed out informational flyers about it at the church, and the next Sunday there were 20 or 30 coats and the next Sunday, and the next Sunday."

Nix says he’s glad to be a part of this initiative and is glad that children won’t have to suffer from winter weather any longer.

“It’s difficult to be a happy child if you’re cold; many kids, they don’t have a coat they have to take to school or ride the school bus which is never warm expect in summer and it’s hard to study well, it’s hard to play well if you don’t have a coat.”

And this couldn’t have gotten accomplished without the community stepping forward.

“We had the support of our Catholic community here in Meridian, most of them donated by the members of St Patrick’s and St Joseph’s and then some we purchased and some of that was with cash donations that were made to us for that program.”

The price of coats can be pricey especially for those who may be less fortunate.

“ A lot of our kids can’t afford coats, so they go out and get coats for our kids, and so we’re extremely excited about it every year they come through, and it’s always timely ; because the weather it’s pretty brisk out there, and a lot of our kids lose their cost, and some of them can’t afford coats.”

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